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We make healthy snacking delicious and easy

We've swapped out the traditional ingredients in cookies that are overly processed and replaced them with 10 or fewer clean ingredients to create a treat that satisfies mind and body. 

Our soft-baked Superfood Cookie Bites are handcrafted in Los Angeles and allow you to bring craveable nutrition wherever you go. 

Healthy Snacking

Each flavor has 10 or fewer ingredients that are vegan, gluten free, NON GMO, and low in coconut sugar.

Happiness Included

Our Superfood Cookie Bites taste so delicious you'll want to eat the whole bag. And if you take a look at our ingredients you'll be happy you can!

Perfect On-The-Go Snack

Resealable pouch for mess-free snacking. We take inspiration from classic treats and update them for the modern lifestyle. Perfect for travel, exercise, or your daily commute.

What People are Saying About Vive Snacks

"Anytime that I get hungry and I need a pick me up or when I'm craving something sweet but still want to be good...these are my go to!"

Alyssa G.

These little bites are soooo good. They're perfect for me to throw in my purse and they seriously taste homemade, you wouldn't know they are healthy from the taste alone! I love being able to eat cookies every day!


My girlfriend let me try hers and I ate the whole bag. I didn't even know these were healthy until after, I was shocked by how good they taste. Now she has to share hers with me, haha!

Ethan S.

A friend gave me these and i fell in love immediately. They are so delicious! I go through like 2 packs a day I can't get enough.

Jake K.

These mocha cookie bites are my favorite thing to eat in the morning! So glad my colleague introduced me to these, they're now my daily breakfast for my drive to work.

Karen S.

These are the best coconut snacks I’ve tried, they’re like little cookies! They’re chewy and moist and you can taste the coconut in here, it doesn’t taste fake like most bars!


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