5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day This Year

Mother's Day 2020 looks a little different than we might have imagined but there's still a lot of fun ways to stay connected to mom even if you can't be together in person. Here are some of our favorites:

Buy her a gift certificate and support small business: This is a win/win because you get to pamper your #1 lady while supporting local business. She'll have something to look forward to once her favorite places open again, whether its a massage, a sporting goods store or even her favorite local restaurant.

Send her flowers: This is a no fail way to brighten her day. It smells good, looks pretty and is always fun to receive. PRO TIP: Send a heartfelt card along with it!

Put together a care package of her favorite things: There's a couple ways you can go about this. You can find retailers online that make care packages where you select which option you want and they will deliver it to her. Or you can do it yourself. This one is more customizable since it's you're picking out everything because you know her best! Buy and/or make a mix of baked goods, activewear, bath and body products, fun little gadgets and anything else that will celebrate the wonderful and unique woman your mama is! SHAMELESS PLUG: If she likes treating her body and tastebuds, get her some Vive Snacks here!

Have a meal together - but apart: Just because you might not be able to get together in person doesn't mean you can't share a meal together. Get on a Zoom call or FaceTime and eat together but in your own homes! If you live close enough and want to make it even more fun, you can cook a meal for both of you and deliver a portion to her so you can actually share the same meal :)

Take a virtual class: You two can take a class together from your own homes and FaceTime or Zoom to stay connected if the selected class doesn't already have that option to connect. There are so many options available, it just depends what your mom is into! Virtual wine tasting, painting, touring museums, the list goes on!

What's going on for the Vive founders? Even though my mom and I are not going to be together in person and are staying Safer at Home, I'm going to bake her some gluten free goodies, and we are going to play some games on Jackbox and have a meal together virtually :)


We hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day that is safe and full of love!

-Shayna and The Vive team

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