Get To Know Our Founder, Shayna!

Hey guys! Shayna, Vive founder here, and I decided to do a little question and answer sesh so you can get to know me a little better :) Here's a behind-the-scenes look into who I am and how I make the most out of life!

Fun q&a questions:

Fave Superfood: That's a tough one. It's a tie between yogurt and berries - my go-to breakfast is a yogurt bowl with berries and granola and/or crumbled Bites on top. I can (and do!) eat it almost every morning.

Fave Fruit: Watermelon and peaches

Fave Dessert: A chocolate chip ice cream cookie sandwich is up there for sure but my favorite is probably the French Plaisir Sucre - google it, it's amazing! It always reminds me of vacation and has so many layers or flavors and textures, magnifique!

Fave Fitness Item: My Apple Watch, no doubt. I love learning about my body and health so I am fascinated with the data it collects.

Fave Sweet Shop: I'm going with Milk Bar for full on decadence. I have a super sweet tooth.

Fave Thing To Cook: Roasted vegetables. Simple, healthy, super versatile and always delicious.

Fave Place To Travel: The French countryside. I absolutely love Burgundy, France. The food, the wine, the quaint towns and the slower pace of life is very captivating to me.

Place I'd Most Like To Visit: Japan is next on my bucket list!

Food Philosophy: I try to eat unprocessed food most of the time and make sure I load up on vegetables. I try to listen to what my body needs and I don't beat myself up if I slip up. My life wouldn't be as enjoyable without dessert so this is where I really let myself go wild if I'm going to indulge!

Fave Workout: Running, aside from my #1 guilty pleasure that I talk about later on...

Fave Studio Class: Barre or Pilates

Fave Place To Eat in LA: For breakfast/brunch Le Pain Quotidien, for lunch or dinner Cava Grill or Tel Aviv Grill (I loveee mediterranean food and the whole mediterranean diet for that matter) and for a special dinner Rustic Canyon.

What I Like To Do For Fun: My perfect day off would involve an outdoorsy form of exercise like hiking or going for a run somewhere beautiful, followed by a delicious meal and white wine tasting!

Fave Thing About Your Job: I know it sounds corny but I'm lucky that I get to do what I love. It's not only a funnel for my creativity but building a business is like solving a puzzle so there's always something new to figure out. The fact that I can bring enjoyment to people around the country is so rewarding!

5 facts about me:

1. I LOVE Harry Potter. These stories have been an integral part of my life and I have read all the books at least 15 times. Half-Blood Price is my favorite ;)

2. I live for travel. I value experiences more than tangible items so I like to save up and spend my time and money exploring our world.

3. I'm not vegan or gluten free. Although my products are, I am not. I tend to eat vegan most of the time but I am not completely vegan. My mother, who is my business partner and one of my best friends is sensitive to gluten and so I often find myself testing out gluten free items with her and incorporating them into my diet when they're nutritious and tasty.

4. I'm an LA native. I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles and I love it! I went to college here, still have a lot of friends I went to high school with and ended up marrying my high school boyfriend! Although I live in a big city, my group has really stayed connected over the years so my life almost has a small-town feel to it :)

5. My favorite form of exercise is Dance Dance Revolution. Bet you weren't expecting that! So I used to play back in high school and then stopped for about 10 years and picked it up again last winter and LOVED it. I end up having so much more fun than I do on the treadmill and it makes me exercise longer than any other form of exercise because I want to keep playing. It's competitive, social and good for your health, what more can I want?! 

I hope you enjoyed getting ti know me a little better! Let me know any other questions you have about me or Vive, I'd love to share more! 


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  • This was so fun to read! I love learning about the face behind my fav products, and your interests, life and favorite lists totally match up with one of my favorite snacks. Loved this!


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