Quarantine tips and insights from a top travel expert, Valerie Wilson!

Travel is a huge inspiration for us at Vive. We love discovering new, beautiful parts of our planet, meeting people from other cultures, tasting new foods and expanding our worldview. Even though we’ve all had to postpone new adventures for the time being, we can still dream about our next vacation and plan for it when that time comes!

Since we’re all feeling the travel itch we decided to have a virtual interview with the awesome solo traveler, Valerie Wilson, better known as the Trusted Travel Girl. She’s a fellow female entrepreneur that calls LA home when she’s not out exploring the world and her travel philosophy is about experiencing destinations like a local, not a tourist.

VIVE: How does travel inspire you or how has it impacted your life and perspective?

TTG: Travel makes you a more tolerant, understanding, and compassionate human being. It hasn’t impacted my world view so much as it’s actually GIVEN me a world view on everything. My brain operates from a global perspective now. I see and understand things from a more well-rounded point of view, and I’m so grateful for that. Travel just gives me life... sitting with someone on the other side of the world and hearing their story is just the most fascinating thing in the world to me. 

VIVE: What are you doing now to get your travel fix while staying inside?

TTG: I’m traveling virtually, watching travel movies, reading travel books and planning for the new normal. 

VIVE: How do you integrate your wellness routine into your travels, if at all?

TTG: I try to meditate using the Calm App, I am very protective about my sleep. Oftentimes on work trips, the tourism boards will try to run you ragged and I just have learned to say no. No, I won’t go to dinner at 8pm because I have to wake up before sunrise, no I won’t abuse my body and fly 20 hours then start working the next morning— I require clients to give me a “rest” day when I fly in from the other side of the world. It’s important to respect our bodies to be able to produce the best work possible! 

I walk a lot when I travel, so I haven’t worried too much about working out— because I also just don’t have the time/energy... but I've realized even 5-15 minutes of a workout can make a huge difference when on the road so I have started to implement that. I used to think if I didn’t have an hour, then I didn’t have time but just a 5-minute arm workout each morning can keep you healthy and toned.

VIVE: Do you have any favorite healthy recipes or foods you've discovered on one of your adventures?

TTG: I love to eat when I travel, and I’ve noticed other counties are just healthier when it comes to ingredients... so I usually eat anything and everything in moderation. 

My palate has changed since I began traveling— now I crave asian dishes more than anything, and they are usually healthier than western meals.

When I’m home I live off of quick and healthy dishes, like fresh smoothies, açaí bowls (I add a lot more açaí like they do in Brazil), I don’t make my own thai, but when I’m home there is one place that makes the best Thai food— and I’m always craving Thai, so I will pick up from there pretty often! 

VIVE: If you could choose to be quarantined anywhere, where would you choose?

TTG: With my family— because I never see them. But... destination, an overwater bungalow in the Maldives (so long as I didn’t have to pay for it because quarantine had been going on 60 days now!!) Then I could swim and SCUBA dive, and soak up plenty of vitamin D!

VIVE: What is the first adventure you want to plan when you can travel again?

TTG: Anywhere! Probably Italy and Thailand because I’m ready for some yummy food. But also some of the touristy places that I normally avoid— maybe they will have fewer tourists, like Petra! 

Here at Vive, we can’t wait to plan our next adventure and we’re definitely going to consult Valerie’s travel guides before we head to the next destination so we can experience it like a local!

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