Helpful Tips For Relaxing and Staying Connected

Shayna here. As someone who has dealt with anxiety for most of my life, the emergence of Covid-19 has been especially challenging. The sudden shift in daily living in addition to the new, unchartered territory for our small business has led to a lot of uncertainty - a major trigger for my anxiety. I know a lot of other people are struggling too so I wanted to share some things that have been helping me stay grounded in the hopes that some of you will find it helpful too :)

1. Get moving. I’ve been making sure I exercise in one way or another. Even if I don’t feel up to a full-on workout I do some yoga poses or take the dogs for a walk and I always feel better after doing it!

2. Eating fruits and veggies. I’ve been having to get more creative with my cooking since certain staples are hard to come by but I try to incorporate as many fruits and veggies as I can into my dishes (even though some days I just want to eat cookies and chocolate all day)! I know these foods will help me keep a clear head and a fueled body.

3. Staying connected with loved ones. A simple text will cheer both of you up and a FaceTime call makes it even more personal. My friends and I have been having a weekly Jackbox sesh (a collection of fun, interactive games that you can play with your friends and family online remotely) in addition to a conference call so we can all chat and laugh together. This has been one of my saviors - it connects me to those people I usually see and we all have a good laugh together!

4. Not comparing your method of coping with others. It seems like everywhere you turn people are showing off their new skills they've learned in quarantine but everyone handles stress differently and it’s enough to just get through this. Now is the time to be most gentle to yourself - and I need to remind myself of this a LOT.

5. Finding fun activities for yourself that are not focused on productivity. Everyday I do something I enjoy that is not about being productive but about relaxing and turning my mind off. Especially if you have kids, it's important to have some time for you to recharge. For me that looks like enjoying ASMR, baking and playing Beatsaber - an awesome dance rhythm VR game. But for you it could be lighting some candles or immersing yourself in a book or meditating, everyone's different and the important thing is to tune into what helps YOU tune out.

Hoping you are staying safe and healthy!


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  • Shayna,
    Thank you for your beautiful insightful tips! This has been an unusual time for sure. Cherishing the time is so important. Live in the moment!! Be well, be safe, be healthy!! With gratitude- Rebecca Palmer


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