Who is Vive?

We are a company that makes real food for real people. We want to inspire you to live with a hunger for experience. Cultivate memories, not things.

Shayna & Sherry

We are a mother/daughter team that are foodies AND health conscious women who love exploring our world & collecting experiences. Since we can’t be traveling constantly, we CAN do our best and enjoy where we are planted, good ol’ Los Angeles. 

One of our favorite activities is planning “adventure days”. This consists of us hitting up the best restaurants or dessert places & doing a tasting session of a few dishes. (HEADS UP: I will be sharing some of our favorite finds on this blog!) Some are chocolatiers, gluten-free restaurants, & some are plain indulgent food that is done well (it's all about balance people.)

Along the way, we try to be tourists in our own town. That could mean taking the longer, more scenic route to our destination. It could also mean taking a walk in a new neighborhood & venturing into a cool looking coffee shop. We always try to make the most of each day!

The Backstory

One of my great pleasures in life is eating delicious food. Choosing clean food is a high priority to me so I eat organic, whole foods whenever possible. I believe that high quality ingredients have more flavor & you don’t need to add much to it if you start with a superior product. My love of food led to a passion for cooking & baking when I entered college & I started making my own meals & snacks so I could control the quality of the products I put into my body. 

To fit my busy lifestyle, the ideal snack needs to be:

  • delicious
  • made from real food
  • nutritious
  • portable
  • mess free

I was very disappointed by the nutrition bars on the store shelves. Most are more similar to candy bars than they are to a health food. A quick look at the back label will show you they are heavily processed, loaded with sugar, & worst of all devoid of flavor (or very one-note. You know, all you can taste are dates or coconut).

I like to eat food that is well balanced. Each ingredient is intentional & enhances all the others. I knew I could make something better than what was out there. In order to satisfy myself with a nutritious snack that I would feel good eating every day, I created my Superfood Cookie Bites. They are bite-sized versions of what a nutrition bar should be, but in bite format. Soft & chewy with just the right amount of sweetness, whole ingredients you know & love, & a little bit of salt to bring out the flavor. 


I stashed bags in my car for mid-day cravings & gave them to friends and family. I knew I had created something special when my picky, junk food-loving husband started asking for them for his breakfast or before the gym. I started selling my Bites at farmers markets & realized how many people were dissatisfied with current on-the-go offerings. Thanks to all of our loyal fans, we have been able to grow and share our snacks with a wider audience.

This company is the embodiment of me, blending wellness with the joy of food & I’m so happy to be able to share it with you!


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  • I first came along product in dot box and just love it so I ordered some more thanks great gluten free snacks


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