The Women Behind Vive

Shayna & Sherry 

Vive is a French exclamation that means “long live.”

Living a life full of enriching experiences is the goal that guides our company values & our lives

Shayna here. So here's the backstory. I am the dessert queen but also a wellness junkie. I know, it seems difficult to merge these two passions but armed with my love of baking, I was up to the challenge! I wanted to create an on-the-go snack that had both flavor and nutrition, as nutrition bars on store shelves are overly processed, taste weird and have a huge list of ingredients. I couldn't believe these were the only options out there for on-the-go nourishment. So I created my Cookie Bites from superfood ingredients that are functional and taste amazing. After countless trials and taste tests, I had created a snack that hit the mark for flavor and nutrition. Vive was born.

I then took my creation to farmer's markets, got great feedback and happy, new customers, and had to scale up what was quickly turning from a hobby into a full-time business. Now, Vive is sold in hotels, spas, fitness studios, colleges and on our site here and we love welcoming other foodie/health enthusiasts into our tribe :)




Chief flavor creator. I’m up for trying pretty much any new food but my favorites includes unique vegetable preparations from across the globe. I love visiting places I’ve never been & being a tourist in my own town (what up Los Angeles!) You’ll win me over with dessert and anything chocolate! In my free time, you’ll find me jogging with my husband & 2 fur babies, cooking, or discovering my new favorite Chardonnay.


My mantra is “get lost” & I’m always up for finding out what’s around the corner. The tropics & the Scottish highlands is where my heart belongs. Family is always first for me! I remember playing “restaurant” with Shayna & her sister at dinnertime when they were little. They were in charge of making the menus & naming the restaurant for the evening. It made a regular meal exciting! Even though my girls are too old to play "restaurant", I still like to make an adventure out of an ordinary activity. I’m on the lookout for the next great gluten-free beer, bar of dark chocolate, & new ways to get my 10,000 steps a day. 

Shayna and Sherry are lifelong foodies with wanderlust. In fact their passion for travel & food has taken them to 20 countries & 18 states! At home, they have “adventure days” where they scour their city (& beyond) for the best new food finds. Although flavor is essential, nutrition is just as important. They feel better, physically & consciously, eating clean food. 

Live with a hunger for experience.
-Shayna & Sherry